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Monday, December 21, 2009

Windows 7 - Teamspeak 3 Server

Download the Server-Files from teamspeak homepage and unpack the package in any directory you want.

Start the ts3server_win32.exe

Please note the username and password!

Connect via the teamspeak3-client to your server, just with entering "localhost" as Ip- dress.

To get admin-rights on your server you have to open the /log directory and to search in the text-file for "token". Copy it and go on "rights -> enter token" in your client and paste the token. Now you are having admin-rights and now you are able to change your server.

For ports look at /doc/server_quickstart

Maybe you should make a dyndns-account and search for a dyndns-updater, because you haven't to impart your always changing ip-adress.

Have fun with your TS3-Server

Windows 7 - problems with the desktop window manager

I had the following problem:
For any reason my desktop window manager was broken. 
This entailed that the task strip and the window strip wasn't transparent anymore, also some other Windows Aero functions were broken. I searched for a long time in the internet, to find a solution, but I didn't find one. But now, I found a solution on myself: 

If you are having the same problem, you only have to lie in the Windows7-DVD in the disk drive. Then wait for the autostart of "setup.exe". Then follow the setup until you have the choice to "upgrade" or to "reinstall" Windows7. Here you take "upgrade". This could last until an hour, but you won't have to reinstall all of your programms and desktop-icons. When the setup has finished and you rebooted your computer, the aero effects should work again, but now you're not allowed anymore to run  the "Windows-achievement index", because if you will do that, your desktop window manager will be broken again!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Linux - Share a complete hard disk with Samba on a Ubuntu Server

To share a whole hard disk with Samba is very easy:

1) Login as root:
sudo -s

2) We have to change the fstab-file, that the hard disk will be mounted right on boot:
nano /etc/fstab

You have to write the following in the fstab-file:
/dev/sdb /media/sdb auto umask=0000,rw,user,auto,exec 0 0  

In my case, we say that, "sdb" is the name of the harddisk.

3) Now we have to change the "smb.conf"-file:
nano /etc/samba/smb.conf

Write the following in the file:
comment = 20 GB Festplatte
path = /media/sdb/
read only = no
writeable = yes
create mask = 0766
directory mask = 0777
guest ok = yes
force user = *****
force group = users
4) Now we have to reboot the computer, that all changes will be accepted:

5) Finished! 

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

1000 Tweets

Thank you to all my followers and regular readers.

I'm looking forward to the next 1000 tweets and that you will continue reading my blog.


Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Linux - Kick users via console

If you have inactive users on your computer and you want to kick him, there is a very simple solution:

1) Login as root:
sudo -s

2) Displaying all processes, because the inactive user has a process-id:
ps -aux

3) You will see something like that:
1000 2626 0.0 1.1 14920 2176 ? S 19:28 0:00 sshd: ****@pts/1

4) The second number is the process-id, which must be killed to kick the user:
kill "process-id"

5) Finished! 

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Linux - wput | FTP-Uploader

"Wput" is a console tool to upload files or folders on a ftp-server.

Installation and handling:

1) Log on as root:
sudo -s

2) Downloading and installing:
apt-get install wput

3) Use:
wput ftp://[username[:password]@]hostname[:port][/[path/][file]]

5) Have fun!

PS: If you need help: man wput | wput --help 

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Linux - lm-sensors

With lm-sensors you can monitor CDU-temperatures and fan-speeds in your console. ,


1) Log on as root:
sudo -s

2) Download the lm-sensors package:
apt-get install lm-sensors

3) Find all possible sensors:

4) Answer all questions with "yes"

5) Display the CPU data:

It doesn't care in with folder you are. You can type to always "sensors" and you'll see the cpu data displayed.  

Monday, November 16, 2009

Linux - DSL Problem Ubuntu 9.10

I have a very simple solution for Ubuntu 9.10's DSL problem. In many forums you are told to change the "pppoeconf" settings. That is one part of the solution. I had the problem, that I installed Ubuntu 9.10 via Wubi and in this case the pppoeconf settings won't work.

You have to install Ubuntu 9.10 in the good old way on a separate partition. 

Change the pppoeconf settings:

1) Change to root user
sudo -s 

2) change pppoeconf settings:

3) Answer every question with "yes"

4) Finished!

For my it is the best solution for people who have not a router.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Linux - PlayOnLinux

PlayOnLinux is an add-ons for "Wine", with whom you can install Windows Games in Linux. You can also install other windows applications for example Microsoft's Office 2009.

Admittedly that isn't a currency of illegal programs, because you need an orginal CD/DVD to install these programms.

If you want to play CS you can also install Steam for Linux.

If you have Ubuntu 9.10 the installation of "PlayOnLinux" is very simple. You only have search in the software centre for "PlayOnLinux"

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Linux - Screenlets

The last time I dealed with "Screenlets". Screenlets are little gadgets, how they are known from Windows Vista/7.
I found a very nice application for Linux. If you have Ubuntu 9.10, you can go to the software centre and search for "Screenlets".
After installing you can find the application under applications -> accessory -> screenlets.
There you will find gadgets for hardware monitoring and many more.

Here you can download useful Screenlets:

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Linux - Tutorial how to undo pppoeconf settings

To undo the pppoeconf settings isn't very easy. If you use the pppoeconf settings you can connect to the Internet without connecting via network manager. So if there is a case that you want to undo this settings, without reinstalling the whole operating system, I have a little tutorial.

1) open console

2) get root:
sudo -s

3) edit nm-system-settings.conf
cd /etc/NetworkManager
ls -la
gedit ./nm-system-settings.conf

You have to write managed=true under [ifupdown]

4) edit interfaces
cd /etc/network
ls -la
gedit interfaces
This file must look like this:
auto lo
iface lo inet loopback

auto eth0
iface eth0 dhcp

5) Restart your computer

6) Finished.

PS: If there are some questions, make a comment.  

Friday, November 6, 2009

Ubuntu 9.10 - Ubuntu One

Ubuntu One is a good possibility to save your files. It's a free online harddisk. It offers 2 GB hard disk space.
If you like more space you can buy up to 50 GB. To use Ubuntu One you need a LanuchPad Account, you will get this account when you use the first time Ubuntu One.

Applications -> Internet -> Ubuntu One

It's also possible to share your files with others and you can access to your files from other computers.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Ubuntu 9.10 - Internet Problem

As I have seen on google that people have the same problem than me, that they can't connect to the Internet with Ubuntu 9.10, I will present here a temporary solution:

You need a computer where a windows operating system is installed. Then you connect this computer with the Internet and now you enable that other computers in your network are allowed to use this Internet connection. Now, you should be able to connect via your "auth eth0" connection to the Internet.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Frets on fire Linux

I downloaded Frets on fire for Linux. With Ubuntu 9.10, that's very easy:

Applications -> Software Center -> Games

and then search for "Frets on Fire".

With the Software Center you can immediately install FoF.
For new songs you can search via google.

Tutorial to add new songs:
1) open console
2) get root: sudo -s
3) move files to the song folder:
    mv [source folder of the songs] [/usr/share/games/fretsonfire/data/songs]
4) start game
5) Finished

Monday, November 2, 2009

Ubuntu 9.10 - Wubi

Also like Ubuntu 9.04 you can install Ubuntu 9.10 in Wubi. There are two ways:
The one way is to make a backup of all important files and make a new install of Ubuntu. Then you can use the new Gnome version and you hard disk will be formated in ext4.
The other way is to update Ubuntu 9.04 via the update manager, but then you can't use the new gnome and your hard disk will stay formated in ext3.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Ubuntu 9.10 - Internet Problems

Yesterday night I downloaded and installed Ubuntu 9.10.
This morning I wanted to adjust the internet conncetion. Normaly very easy, but I can't connect to the Internet. Also after I adjusted the Internet connection again, i couldn't connect.

Should anybody have had the same problem, should make a comment please, how he solved the problem.


Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Ubuntu 9.10

At 29th October the new version of Ubuntu will be released.

Ubuntu 9.10 has some new features:

For example, the hard disk can be formated with ext4.
Also Gnome will be updated to version 2.28.1

But some features are only available if you re-install Ubuntu. 

Friday, October 23, 2009

Installing XAMPP in Linux

At first you have to switch to root:
  sudo -s

Unpacking the archive:
  tar xvfz xampp-linux-1.7.2.tar.gz -C /opt 

Start XAMPP:
  /opt/lampp/lampp start

Test it:

Close the security hole:
 /opt/lampp/lampp security   

More parameters to:

start Starts the XAMPP-Server
stop Stops the XAMPP-Server
restart Restarts the XAMPP-Server
startapache Only the Apache Server will be started
startssl The SSL assistance will be started for Apache
startmysql Only the Mysql-Server will be started
startftp Only the FTP-Server will be started
stopapache The Apache-Server will be stoped.
stopssl Deactivate the SSL assistance
stopmysql The Mysql-Server will be stoped.
stopftp The FTP-Server will be stoped

For everybody who wants to uninstall the XAMPP-Server:
  rm -rf /opt/lampp (you have to be root)

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Installing a Teamspeak Server in Linux

At first you have to open the terminal or to connect via Putty to Linux.

Put the following in the terminal:


Switch to the download directory:
cd /x/x/x/x/x/xt/x

tar -xvjf ts2_server_rc2_202319.tar.bz2

Switch to the install directory:
cd tss2_rc2

Starting the server:
./teamspeak2-server_startscript start

Stoping the server:
./teamspeak2-server_startscript stop

Restarting the server:
./teamspeak2-server_startscript restart

Status of your server:
./teamspeak2-server_startscript status

Admin passwords of your server:
./teamspeak2-server_startscript passwords

Configuring your server via webinterface:

Monday, October 19, 2009

Wubi - Install Linux into Windows

With Wubi you can install Linux in a working Windows System. If there's a moment when you don't like Linux anymore, you haven't to delete the whole partition, you can uninstall Linux like a normal Windows application.

To install Wubi, you have to put your Linux CD into your drive and you have to press "Install into Windows". Now you were asked about the username and password and how many disk space Linux is going to get.
If this is finished, all necessary files were copied from the CD on your computer and you have to reboot.

Now you get a new boot screen. Either on 30 secs windows boots from alone or you can change to Linux.

For me this is a very good posibility to use Linux, because I can't install Linux on a second partition.

You can download "Wubi" here:

Thursday, October 15, 2009

OpenSSH Server Installation

In fact it's very easy to install OpenSSH in Linux.

To install OpenSSH enter: "sudo apt-get install openssh-server openssh-client" (without "")

To start the SSH Server enter: "sudo /etc/init.d/ssh start"

To close the SSH Server enter:"sudo /etc/init.d/ssh stop"

And at last to restart the SSH Server enter:"sudo /etc/init.d/ssh restart"

To access to your SSH Server for example from Windows, you can download a little tool, called "Putty".

PS: I used Ubuntu to install SSH.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Linux Commands

cd [directory] ___ change directory
cd ___ change to home-directory of the user
fdisk ___ Administration of the hard-disk partitions
ls [ ] ___ shows the content of directories
ls -a ___ all files will be shown
ls -l ___ the file list contains access authorisation, user, length etc
ls -k___ file-length will be shown in kb
more ___ content of a file will be shown
find ___ searching files
grep ___ browse of files
mount ___ mount a data medium
unmount ___ unmount a data medium
cp ___ copies files
mv ___ switches files
rm ___ deletes files
echo "" ___ displays text
who ___ shows all on-line users
date ___ shows date and time
su ___ switch User
ps ___ shows current processes
kill ___ closes current processes
sudo -s ___ login as root
man [command]___ shows the manual-page to the [command]

Friday, October 9, 2009

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Application isn't able to update

There was a case, that a program wasn't able to update, because it wanted to uninstall the older version, but this wasn't able the old version was uninstalled manually (not my fault).

But it's very easy to solve this problem:

- Press "Windows-Key"
- Go on "Accomplish"
- Type "regedit" and press "enter"
- Search for the Registry-Entry, who should be uninstalled
- delete the Registry-Entry
-  Start the update again

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


I searched for a free on-line hard disk and I found

- You get 2GB disk space
- You can upload files via your web browser or you install a network hard drive on your local computer.
- You can install a guest access and pick single folders, which should be visible for the guest.

I use the on-line hard disk for backups and listening to my music, from everywhere I want.

Attention: I wouldn't make MP3 files visible for the guest.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Visible-/ Invisible-List in ICQ

Some people asked me about the Visible-/ Invisible-List of ICQ. But I thinks it's very easy:

If you put somebody on your Visible-List, the user can see you always. It doesn't care if you're on-line or invisible.

If you put somebody on your Invisible-List, the user can't see you anymore. There's no difference if you're on-line or invisible, he can't see you.

At last, if you put your status on invisible, only your Visible-List is able to see you on-line.

Friday, October 2, 2009


To know what I'm talking about you should download this program:

With this program you can use Twitter, Facebook, ICQ, Skype, Windows Live Messenger, Jabber or manage your emails. In my opinion this is a very brilliant program, because you needn't 1000 windows to manage all your accounts. I found this program on fortune on Twitter.

This program has many functions and is also well looking. You have different ways to display the chat window. Also you can adjust different skins.
But the program has also another site. The settings-menu is a little bit complicated and it's useful to have a small basic knowledge.

In the next time, I'll install Trillian in Windows 7 and after I  tested it there, I will write a blog post about that.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Google search engine with opera10

Unfortunately I deleted the search URL from Google in my search settings from opera and I didn't know the right URL that I can start the search by pressing ENTER.

But I solved the problem and here is the way how to do it, if you should have the same problem:
1.)  open Google website
2.) right-click into input-field
3.) Click "add search"
4.) Make adjustments (Do not change the URL)
5.) Press "Ready"

Who doesn't know what I am talking about:

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Crossfire is a very funny ego-shooter. It's freeware and you only need to register on the development's homepage. You have to possibility to buy different kinds of weapons. With real money you can buy some special weapons which have for example more ammo. I like to compare Crossfire with CS, because I think Crossfire is CS for the poor. So for all who don't want to buy CS can download Crossfire. In the last time, some bugs were fixed and some new maps were added.
Graphical there is a little problem: People who haven't got a wide screen monitor can only play with 1024*768 pixels. A higher resolution isn't possible at the moment.
But the game is really funny and I can advise you to download this game.
You can download it here:

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Integral Calculus

For everyone who hasn't any desire to to type every integral calculus into the calculator, I have a solution:

Public Class Form1
Dim a As Double
Dim b As Double
Dim n As Double
Dim F As Double

Private Sub Button1_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles Button1.Click
End Sub

Private Sub Button2_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles Button2.Click
If TextBox1.Text = "" Or TextBox2.Text = "" Or TextBox4.Text = "" Then
MessageBox.Show("Bitte Eingabe ├╝berpr├╝fen", "Error", MessageBoxButtons.OK)
a = TextBox2.Text
b = TextBox4.Text
n = TextBox1.Text

F = ((b ^ (n + 1)) / (n + 1)) - ((a ^ (n + 1)) / (n + 1))

TextBox3.Text = F
End If
End Sub

Private Sub Button3_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles Button3.Click
TextBox1.Text = ""
TextBox2.Text = ""
TextBox3.Text = ""
TextBox4.Text = ""
End Sub
End Class

Here you can download my program:

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Solving quadratic formulas

I wrote an application with VisualBasic 2008 to solve quadratic formulas.

The most important part is this:

Private Sub Button1_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles Button1.Click

a = TextBox1.Text
b = TextBox2.Text
c = TextBox3.Text

x3 = ((b ^ 2) - (4 * a * c))

If x3 < 0 Then
TextBox4.Text = "D < 0"
TextBox5.Text = "D < 0"
MessageBox.Show("D<0", "Fehler", MessageBoxButtons.OK)

x1 = (-b - Math.Sqrt((b ^ 2) - (4 * a * c))) / (2 * a)
x2 = (-b + Math.Sqrt((b ^ 2) - (4 * a * c))) / (2 * a)

TextBox4.Text = x1
TextBox5.Text = x2
End If
End Sub

Here, x1 and x2 is calculated and checked whether the discriminant is smaller than zero.  In VB you use Math.Sqrt ( ) to extract a root.

You can download this application here:

But it's in German language.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Cyber bulling

This blog is also about internet sites like Twitter, because of that I want to pick up this topic:

In my opinion, the Internet is a huge playground, where many people meet or communicate with each other. Like in every society you've to accept some rules, for this reason cyber bulling is a breach of the rules and we shouldn't close our eyes, because we are not affected.

I believe the person on the other end of the Internet cable is a person like you and me, so he/she has the right to be accepted.

Here's a link to persons who deal with this topic:

Monday, September 21, 2009


There are many ways to send Twitter messages.
On the one hand you can send your messages with the Twitter HP or on the other hand you can send twitter messages on your mobile phone. For that you do not need any other apps, because you can use your browser on your mobile phone. Only enter and start posting.

An other possibility to send twitter messages is an opera widget. I'm using the "Twitter Opera widget". It's small and offers all options, you also have on the Twitter HP.
For Firefox, there are also some Add-ons, but I didn't test them so far.

Friday, September 18, 2009


I tested Opera10 for a while and I'm very surprised. Normally I'm surfing with Firefox, but I read about Opera10 and thought that I could test it. 

Now you've a turbo-mode, which helps you if you have a bad internet connection. It scales the pictures down, so that they're smaller. 

The password manager offers the possibility to auto-login with the shortcut STRG+ENTER. You've open the site -> press STRG+ENTER -> password and user name were insert -> browser logs in automatically. 

Also you've a large number of "widgets". For example, I have the google translator and a twitter widget. But there are many more useful widgets.

At the fast-choice-site you can add up to 25 sites, now. 

So you can see, that there are some changes and I will keep Opera10.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Header ("Location: ")

This PHP-command could be very useful if you're coding a passord request. 

On the one hand you can use it to forward to the login site if the password or user name is wrong or on the other hand you can use it to forward the user to the "secret" site if the password and the user name is correct.

A little example:

$username = $_POST["username"];
$passwort = $_POST["passwort"];

if ($username=="++++" && $passwort=="++++")
Header ("Location: bilder.html");

Header ("Location: index.html");


Here are first defined the variables coming from a form on my login page, then checked if the password and the user name is correct. If this is true you will be forwarded to the "secret" page and if user name or password is wrong, you will be forwarded back to the login page. 

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

AA3.0.6 Patch

At 10th september 2009 the new AA3.0.6 Patch was released, to solve some problems. 

The problems with the training were fixed, for example that the game doesn't freeze after starting the training mission.

Also the gameplay was improved, because there were the most of the problems. 

Furthermore the statistics were improved. For example the rank display is working correct, now.

Some bugs with the missions were also fixed. One improvement is that the VIP has now the right number of magazines. 

The admin-settings were also overworked. Now, the admin-communication-console should work right. 

Who wants to have more informations, should read the release notes.

You can download the patch on steam or with the deploy client. 

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Coding a clock with VB2008

For coding a clock you only need a timer and a label.

Put the timer setting on "enabled" and the interval on "1000".

Private Sub Timer1_Tick(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles Timer1.Tick

Me.Label1.Text = My.Computer.Clock.LocalTime

End Sub

This is the whole code. Have fun with your clock

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Calculation with date and time in VisualBasic 2008

At the moment I'm writing an application who deals with calculation with date and time. I had to search for a long time to find the right informations I needed for this application. So I thought it can't be wrong to write a post about the informations I found.

At first you have to implement the variable "datum":

Dim datum As New DateTime

Now you need the actual time:

datum = My.Computer.Clock.LocalTime

After this you have to name how much time you want to add or subtract. You can do that with either with a positive prefix or a negative:

datum = datum.AddHours(4)

Now you could write that in a label:

Label1.Text() = datum

Also you have many more possibilities to add or subtract time:









Now the whole coding example for the comprehension:

Dim datum As New DateTime

datum = My.Computer.Clock.LocalTime

datum = datum.AddHours(4)

Label10.Text() = datum

Monday, August 31, 2009

Windows 7 Backup Function

Windows 7 attendance center informed me about to secure my files from the hard disk.

But the attendance center says, you've to secure your files on an external hard disk or on a network harddisk. Now, I have the problem, that I run Win7 in my VirtualBox, so I can't secure my files on a external hard disk, because the Virtual Box doesn't accept my external hard disk. 

I decided to do the network secure, I've only chosen a folder on my normal hard disk and started the secure process and it worked. 

This is not a correct solution for securing files but it stops the notification to secure my files. 

For the secure process you need some time. The process makes Win7 very slow and sometimes a little bit instable. 

America's Army 3.0

I'm still having problems with AA3.
Once the deploy client announced me to reinstall AA3 and sometimes the punkbuster kicks me from the server.
So in my opinion, AA3 needs another update. Perhaps with some new maps and with corrected bugs.
But I think AA3 is still in deployment and it will take some time until we have the game play we are used to in AA2.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Windows 7 Tools

After having tested Win7 for a longer time, I found some interesting mini-tools.

These tools aren't necessary for the normal use, but they can improve the handling of Win7.


Snipping Tool: You can copy or photograph  parts of your monitor, almost like making a screen-shot.

Mathematic input area: With this application you can write mathematic notations. But if you haven't a touch pad the applications doesn't accept your input and writes an + instead of x.

Protection of minors: This setting can control how long the computer is allowed to stay online. You can block computer games, on the one hand that little children can't play games or on the other hand that children aren't allowed to install them.

Firewall: Now you can control which program is allowed to send data to the internet or which programs only are allowed to receive data.

These gadgets are optionaly expandable. To download more gadgets you can visit:

Friday, August 28, 2009

Windows 7 annotation

I found one little problem in Win7 namely if Win7 installs some updates, the regestry will be scanned at the next restart. This can take a long time. The last time i did an update it took 10 min to scan the regestry. 

Although I brought Win7 to crash. First I started the Internet Explorer with 3 windows and later I opened 10 windows, how I normaly do, when I'm working with the internet. This brought Win7 to crash and only STRG + ALT + ENTF could solve the problem.

Further it's a little bit annoying that in the beginning Win7 blocks every download you want to start. Only with autorizing you can start to download the desired file. 

Furthermore the display of the download speed isn't correct. Normaly I have a download rate about 768kb/s, but when I'm downloading with Win7, I have a download rate about 1000kb/s, which couldn't be normal. 

In turn the installation of applications is very easy and without any error message. 

In the near future I will test Win7 more and if I find some bugs or other perceptions, I'll write a post. 

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


The "VirtualBox" is an application, with whom you can simulate whole computers. You can say it's a computer in the computer.

The application creates a virtual hard disk on which you can install any operating system.

I installed Linux and Windows 7 in my VirtualBox, because I have no disk partition to install these operating systems normaly. And it's to unsecure to install Windows 7 on your normal computer, because the VirtualBox has a big advantage: You have the virtual harddisk and if you have any files which could damage your computer you can delete the virtual hard disk and you're on the safe side and your computer wouldn't be damaged. 

So the VirtualBox is a very helpful application if you want to test unsecure operating systems. 

Furthermore you can assign your virtual computer different hardware, for example main memory or graphic memory. But playing computer games doesn't work with VirtualBox because you're always running two operating systems to the same time. 

Finally, VirtualBox is a good solution for people who want to test Windows 7 or Linux without destroying their whole computer.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Windows 7 RC

Here you can download Windows 7 RC: and you need a Windows-Live-ID account, also you have to be fast because the download is only possible until 20th august 2009.

I wouldn't install Windows 7 RC on your normal desktop PC, but the VirtualBox is a good possibility to test Windows 7. Who doesn't know what VirtualBox is, has to read my next post, which follows in 2 or 3 days.

The installation is very simple and also rookies shouldn't have any problems with the installation.

The firewall gives a big variety of adjustments. These adjustments would be nice on my XP-comptuer.
The embeded service center does his job well and the annoying bug reports. which we know from Windows Vista are gone now.

I installed different kinds of applications and you can say that they work well under Windows 7 and you haven't these silly unreproducible crashes.

So now, you can test Windows 7 until 2010 for free. Who wants to use Windows 7 after this date has to pay for the Update.

I'll continue with testing Windows 7 and I'll post Bugs and other useful infos about Windows 7!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Who doesn't like, that Linux makes a damage on your bootloader when you install Linux, you could use a LiveCD or you can install Linux in a program called "Virtual Box".

VirtualBox is a computer in the computer. You can appoint to Linux different hardware with this programm and then you can install Linux on a concluded virtual harddrive.
I've installed OpenSuse 11.1 on this VirtualBox and I'm very content.
For example I made the beta test of Windows 7 on the VirtualBox, because it makes it easier to test unsafe operating systems without that your normal system will get any damage.

So for all who haven't a
partition for Linux or want to test Windows 7, download Virtual Box.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Temperature problems

One week ago, I got temperature problems with my computer.
The average temperature of my processor is 40-45°C, what shouldn't make any problems.
But from one day to the other the temperature increased to 55°C. This was too warm.
So I decided to insert a additional fan which blows cold air into the case.
But this didn't led to any success. So I had no idea what to do and I've put a big ventilating fan
in front of the open case and the processor temperature decreased to 46°C.
And yesterday I made a new install of my operating system with formating the hard disk and everything
what belongs to it. And what a surprise now the temperature of the processor stays at 40°C without the big
ventilating fan in front of the case.
So if you have problems with your processor temperature, make a new install of your operating system before you buy
a new processor fan.


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