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Friday, July 10, 2009

Temperature problems

One week ago, I got temperature problems with my computer.
The average temperature of my processor is 40-45°C, what shouldn't make any problems.
But from one day to the other the temperature increased to 55°C. This was too warm.
So I decided to insert a additional fan which blows cold air into the case.
But this didn't led to any success. So I had no idea what to do and I've put a big ventilating fan
in front of the open case and the processor temperature decreased to 46°C.
And yesterday I made a new install of my operating system with formating the hard disk and everything
what belongs to it. And what a surprise now the temperature of the processor stays at 40°C without the big
ventilating fan in front of the case.
So if you have problems with your processor temperature, make a new install of your operating system before you buy
a new processor fan.

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