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Monday, August 31, 2009

Windows 7 Backup Function

Windows 7 attendance center informed me about to secure my files from the hard disk.

But the attendance center says, you've to secure your files on an external hard disk or on a network harddisk. Now, I have the problem, that I run Win7 in my VirtualBox, so I can't secure my files on a external hard disk, because the Virtual Box doesn't accept my external hard disk. 

I decided to do the network secure, I've only chosen a folder on my normal hard disk and started the secure process and it worked. 

This is not a correct solution for securing files but it stops the notification to secure my files. 

For the secure process you need some time. The process makes Win7 very slow and sometimes a little bit instable. 

America's Army 3.0

I'm still having problems with AA3.
Once the deploy client announced me to reinstall AA3 and sometimes the punkbuster kicks me from the server.
So in my opinion, AA3 needs another update. Perhaps with some new maps and with corrected bugs.
But I think AA3 is still in deployment and it will take some time until we have the game play we are used to in AA2.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Windows 7 Tools

After having tested Win7 for a longer time, I found some interesting mini-tools.

These tools aren't necessary for the normal use, but they can improve the handling of Win7.


Snipping Tool: You can copy or photograph  parts of your monitor, almost like making a screen-shot.

Mathematic input area: With this application you can write mathematic notations. But if you haven't a touch pad the applications doesn't accept your input and writes an + instead of x.

Protection of minors: This setting can control how long the computer is allowed to stay online. You can block computer games, on the one hand that little children can't play games or on the other hand that children aren't allowed to install them.

Firewall: Now you can control which program is allowed to send data to the internet or which programs only are allowed to receive data.

These gadgets are optionaly expandable. To download more gadgets you can visit:

Friday, August 28, 2009

Windows 7 annotation

I found one little problem in Win7 namely if Win7 installs some updates, the regestry will be scanned at the next restart. This can take a long time. The last time i did an update it took 10 min to scan the regestry. 

Although I brought Win7 to crash. First I started the Internet Explorer with 3 windows and later I opened 10 windows, how I normaly do, when I'm working with the internet. This brought Win7 to crash and only STRG + ALT + ENTF could solve the problem.

Further it's a little bit annoying that in the beginning Win7 blocks every download you want to start. Only with autorizing you can start to download the desired file. 

Furthermore the display of the download speed isn't correct. Normaly I have a download rate about 768kb/s, but when I'm downloading with Win7, I have a download rate about 1000kb/s, which couldn't be normal. 

In turn the installation of applications is very easy and without any error message. 

In the near future I will test Win7 more and if I find some bugs or other perceptions, I'll write a post. 

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


The "VirtualBox" is an application, with whom you can simulate whole computers. You can say it's a computer in the computer.

The application creates a virtual hard disk on which you can install any operating system.

I installed Linux and Windows 7 in my VirtualBox, because I have no disk partition to install these operating systems normaly. And it's to unsecure to install Windows 7 on your normal computer, because the VirtualBox has a big advantage: You have the virtual harddisk and if you have any files which could damage your computer you can delete the virtual hard disk and you're on the safe side and your computer wouldn't be damaged. 

So the VirtualBox is a very helpful application if you want to test unsecure operating systems. 

Furthermore you can assign your virtual computer different hardware, for example main memory or graphic memory. But playing computer games doesn't work with VirtualBox because you're always running two operating systems to the same time. 

Finally, VirtualBox is a good solution for people who want to test Windows 7 or Linux without destroying their whole computer.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Windows 7 RC

Here you can download Windows 7 RC: and you need a Windows-Live-ID account, also you have to be fast because the download is only possible until 20th august 2009.

I wouldn't install Windows 7 RC on your normal desktop PC, but the VirtualBox is a good possibility to test Windows 7. Who doesn't know what VirtualBox is, has to read my next post, which follows in 2 or 3 days.

The installation is very simple and also rookies shouldn't have any problems with the installation.

The firewall gives a big variety of adjustments. These adjustments would be nice on my XP-comptuer.
The embeded service center does his job well and the annoying bug reports. which we know from Windows Vista are gone now.

I installed different kinds of applications and you can say that they work well under Windows 7 and you haven't these silly unreproducible crashes.

So now, you can test Windows 7 until 2010 for free. Who wants to use Windows 7 after this date has to pay for the Update.

I'll continue with testing Windows 7 and I'll post Bugs and other useful infos about Windows 7!