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Friday, August 28, 2009

Windows 7 annotation

I found one little problem in Win7 namely if Win7 installs some updates, the regestry will be scanned at the next restart. This can take a long time. The last time i did an update it took 10 min to scan the regestry. 

Although I brought Win7 to crash. First I started the Internet Explorer with 3 windows and later I opened 10 windows, how I normaly do, when I'm working with the internet. This brought Win7 to crash and only STRG + ALT + ENTF could solve the problem.

Further it's a little bit annoying that in the beginning Win7 blocks every download you want to start. Only with autorizing you can start to download the desired file. 

Furthermore the display of the download speed isn't correct. Normaly I have a download rate about 768kb/s, but when I'm downloading with Win7, I have a download rate about 1000kb/s, which couldn't be normal. 

In turn the installation of applications is very easy and without any error message. 

In the near future I will test Win7 more and if I find some bugs or other perceptions, I'll write a post. 

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