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Friday, September 18, 2009


I tested Opera10 for a while and I'm very surprised. Normally I'm surfing with Firefox, but I read about Opera10 and thought that I could test it. 

Now you've a turbo-mode, which helps you if you have a bad internet connection. It scales the pictures down, so that they're smaller. 

The password manager offers the possibility to auto-login with the shortcut STRG+ENTER. You've open the site -> press STRG+ENTER -> password and user name were insert -> browser logs in automatically. 

Also you've a large number of "widgets". For example, I have the google translator and a twitter widget. But there are many more useful widgets.

At the fast-choice-site you can add up to 25 sites, now. 

So you can see, that there are some changes and I will keep Opera10.

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