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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Linux Commands

cd [directory] ___ change directory
cd ___ change to home-directory of the user
fdisk ___ Administration of the hard-disk partitions
ls [ ] ___ shows the content of directories
ls -a ___ all files will be shown
ls -l ___ the file list contains access authorisation, user, length etc
ls -k___ file-length will be shown in kb
more ___ content of a file will be shown
find ___ searching files
grep ___ browse of files
mount ___ mount a data medium
unmount ___ unmount a data medium
cp ___ copies files
mv ___ switches files
rm ___ deletes files
echo "" ___ displays text
who ___ shows all on-line users
date ___ shows date and time
su ___ switch User
ps ___ shows current processes
kill ___ closes current processes
sudo -s ___ login as root
man [command]___ shows the manual-page to the [command]

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